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Now available at: #309-623 Pleasant Valley Rd, Chads Rd, Corbett Rd, Ellsworth Meadow Lane, Paul Cook Rd, Sage Rd, Waughbrook Lane, Deane Rd, Macomber View

Rural Vermont is underserved by its incumbent Internet Service Providers. MCFiber is here to change that! Optical Fiber is the most reliable, stable and capable technology for delivering broadband Internet services to homes, businesses and public institutions. Until recently Fiber-optic service has been made available only to major cities and large companies. The senior management team that built ECFiber, in East Central Vermont (, is now bringing the same technology to the Underhill/Jericho/Westford areas. Discover what you’ve been missing – sign up for MCFiber’s world class 21st Century Fiber-optic network.


our mission

“Mansfield Community Fiber believes that robust broadband is a vital necessity for community vitality and quality of life. We are dedicated to extending state-of-the art broadband communications to underserved rural areas of Vermont. We operate on the principles of a sustainable socially-responsible business, respecting the needs of people and planet as well as profit.”

For Your Home

smooth real time video chat

Connect with far-flung family, friends, co-workers with smooth real-time visual communications using Skype, Google, and others.

experience same high quality with multiple users/devices

Everyone online at once!  Stream video on multiple devices, study for tomorrow’s test, enjoy rich Internet quality at all times.

access data-rich research and educational resources

Upgrade your job skills via on-line training and professional development courses; Students complete homework and research assignments quickly and easily

For Your



Connect with customers and vendors visually over Skype, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, and more.

Continue to innovate with NEW PRODUCTS AND SERVICES

Upload informational/instructional videos;  send complex documents and video materials simultaneously on multiple devices without suffering “buffering” or “time outs.”

access data-rich research and professional resources

Professionals participate in webinars, on-line courses, certification exams, and more.

Do it all  with no data caps, excess charges, slowing down (subject to website-specific congestion)

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