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Different technologies offer different connection quality. Fiber-to-the-premises is the “top of the line.”  While other companies may talk about their “fast fiber-optic network”, in our community, none of them offer fiber-optic connections all the way to residential or small business customers.  Their fiber-optic infrastructure is only for wholesale customers or their own internal use.  Here are the main differences between “fiber-to-the-anywhere” (FTTx) and others:

  1.  MCFiber’s connections are symmetrical: With a fiber-optic network upload and download speeds are the same.  Other companies have slower uploads than downloads.  This is important for such things as video calling (skype, google hang-outs, video conferences, interactive gaming, etc.), sending large files (home videos, business files – especially photos and graphics, etc.), offering on-line instructional services to a national or even international market, etc.
  2.  As an MCFiber customer, you get the speed you pay for: Other services have to say “up to” the contracted speed because the service slows when many people are using it.   Our service will not have that problem—the speed you pay for is the speed you get.
  3. MCFiber does not cap your data use: Other companies impose costly fees or slow down your service if you overrun their monthly service cap on the volume of data you use.  If we find that an individual customer is using an extraordinarily large amount of capacity, we will make an individual contact to determine the reason, and if appropriate, upgrade our capacity to serve legitimate needs.
  4. MCFiber’s prices are transparent: We do not require contracts and there are no surprises – you won’t face a big increase after a year or six months as you would when the other companies’ promotions expire.
  5. MCFiber’s technology is “future proof”:  The speed requirements of the Internet are rising rapidly as new services are developed.  For example, super high definition TV will be coming on stream in the next few years, while more and more TV content is available over the Internet.  Only optical fiber has the capacity to increase speeds easily and seamlessly to meet these steadily rising demands.  MCFiber’s current offerings are based on current needs of most subscribers.  However, when needs increase, MCFiber’s network can be easily upgraded—and with it your service.   Should anyone want it now, we can provide Gigabit service.  In the future, when high-end subscribers start needing 10 gig or 100 Gig service, that can be provided.


MCFIBER customers have a choice of:

  1. High Speed Internet: MCFiber offers one tier of Internet service: 1 Gbps – at symmetrical speeds.

  2. Telephone: unlimited calling to anywhere in North America with a wide array of advanced features;

  3. Internet TV: Many people are finding that most of the video services they most want are available over the Internet….provided they have an Internet connection that is fast and stable enough.  MCFiber’s network is on a par with the best in the world.  This will make getting video services over the Internet both practical and satisfying. Some video services are not readily available over the Internet.  These are called:   “Over The Top…OTT”.  These include local TV channels, PBS, etc. and some sports.  MCF offers a video package over the Internet which has many of the “channels” that are not usually available over the Internet—in particular local TV channels, PBS etc.  

As of July 2021, service is available on selected roads in Underhill, Cambridge, Fairfax and Fletcher, VT .  Please see our service area map for specific information.

MCFiber is owned, operated and managed by your neighbors.  We are dedicated to delivering superior-quality customer relations.  Customer service reps live in the area and are on-call 24×7.  Service calls for problems not related to our network installation will incur additional charges for time and materials.

MCFiber offers three options:  1) authorize us to initiate the transfer of funds when due from your account to ours.  Complete this form, send it by mail or email, and we will do the rest. 2) use your bank’s online bill pay system.  You can set up regular recurring payments once your monthly fees have stabilized. 3) mail us a personal check.

We do not accept credit or debit card payments in order to avoid extra charges.


We are a typical Vermont small business, founded and owned by local residents, that runs on low overhead, no fancy corporate headquarters and perks, with all revenue devoted first to maintaining the network and serving our customers.  When you call MCFiber you are calling your neighbors.


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