Our mission

A sustainable socially-responsible business

Mansfield Community Fiber believes that robust broadband is a vital necessity for community vitality and quality of life.  We are dedicated to extending state-of-the art broadband communications to underserved rural areas of Vermont.   We operate on the principles of a sustainable socially-responsible business, respecting the needs of people, planet as well as profit.

about us

Founded by a small group of local neighbors

Mansfield Community Fiber was founded in 2016 by a small group of neighbors from the towns of Underhill, Jericho and Westford.  We are investing our own private funds in building a state-of-the art fiber-to-the-premises telecommunications network to bring ultra high-speed Internet connections and telephone service to our communities.  Our company is owned, managed and operated by local residents committed to offering the highest possible standard of service to our neighbors.  Our team includes individuals with deep experience in finance, broadband, technology applications, customer service and management.


Tim Nulty

Jericho, VT

Tim has been developing advanced telecommunications systems since 1985, initially as the senior telecom project officer at the World Bank, followed by Central European Telecom Investments, Inc. (venture capital development company working in Eastern Europe), building Burlington Telecom, and most recently, ECFiber, a cooperative venture of 24 towns in Windsor and Orange Counties, Vermont.


Scott Pfeiffer

Burlington, VT

Scott is a professional electrical and software engineer with a BS EE from Penn State. He has been programming for over 14 years, with 8 years of professional experience. Currently his focus is in manufacturing systems and business task automation.


Michael Luisi

Burlington, VT

Michael has a BSc in Business Management and a MPhil in Planning, Growth & Regeneration from the University of Cambridge. He has served in management and development capacity with several firms overseas and has recently returned to Vermont.


Leslie Nulty

Jericho, VT

Leslie has more than 30 years’ experience in financial management, served as Controller for Central European Telecom Investments, and as Project Coordinator for ECFiber.


James Luisi

Westford, VT

Jim has over 40 years of experience in designing, developing, and maintaining industrial electrical and electronic systems, system control software, and database driven software applications. Jim has lived and worked in Vermont for over 39 years and is active in other community interests as Vice-President of Westford Fire District #1, a community-owned and operated water utility.

Systems Engineer

George Findlay

Essex, VT

George has recently retired from a senior position in semi-conductor test equipment development, production and deployment. He and his family have lived in Vermont for 45 years and now resides in Essex, VT.

Systems Technician and Customer Support

Conor Nulty

Burlington, VT

Conor is a nurse at the University of Vermont Medical Center but his prior experience was in tech support and customer care for a major financial services software company. He lives in Burlington, VT.


Brian Davison

Fletcher, VT

Brian has spent the past 7 years as an IT executive responsible for implementing and managing back-office, IT and network systems in the hospitality industry. He also has extensive experience in sales and customer relations. 


Matt Kolon

Underhill, VT

Most recently, Matt has been Chief Technical Officer for Brocade, a major international telecom and computer network software company. He has over 20 years experience in network development and design for several major software, telecom equipment and IT operating companies. He has written manuals and delivered training programs on a range of topics for professionals working on switched networks, including equipment deployed by MCFiber. He lives in Underhill, VT with his family.

Technical Consultant

Steve Smith

Worcester, VT & New Orleans, LA

Steve has run his own technology support company serving clients nationwide, for 25 years, from a home-based business in Vermont and Louisiana, with a wide range of individual and corporate clients.  He served as Chief Technical Officer for ECFiber and built its current network.