MCFiber + Ooma Phone Service

Free Ooma Telo with your subscription

MCFiber has partnered with Ooma to provide the best VoIP Telephone Service in the nation to our customers.  Service includes unlimited calling anywhere in North America, and many features not available with conventional telephone service. Check out Ooma’s Website for more information.  

Premier service available for $9.99/month (plus taxes and fees).  MCFiber customers pay no porting fees to keep their number!

Important information:

  1. VoIP may not support your current home security system or other phone dependant installations.  If you would like to review your phone system with an MCFiber technician, let us know!
  2. If you would like to keep your current home phone number, MCFiber customers pay no porting fees to Ooma!  We ask that you maintain your current phone service from your provider until the port process is completed.  This usually takes 1 – 2 weeks. MCFiber technicians are available to assist you in the process.
  3. Subscribers who opt to use Ooma service are provided free installation and set-up.  MCFiber will provide Tier 1 support to help resolve any issues. If MCFiber can’t solve your issue, we will escalate you to Ooma’s world class customer support team.

Learn more about Ooma’s E911 access:

battery backup

Prior to installation, MCFiber recommends that you obtain a battery back-up such as a UPS device available from any electronics supplier (Best Buy, Staples), etc. to be connected to your phone and Internet service so you will continue to be able to make calls in the event of a power outage.

Note: To prolong the life of the back-up you should power off your computer or set it to “sleep” mode.