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our telephone service

VoIP: “Voice Over Internet Protocol” included FREE when you subscribe for Internet service

Our free VoIP service includes unlimited calling anywhere in North America, and many
additional features not usually available with conventional telephone service such as conversion
of voice messages to email, “find me follow me” (which routes your calls to your cell phone or
another phone when you leave home or are at another location), and many others. You may
find that the quality of our voice signal is often better than traditional phone service.

Important information:

  1. If your home or business has a security system that relies on conventional telephone service,
    you will need to maintain that service, as VoIP cannot support your security system.

  2. We suggest that new subscribers continue to maintain their conventional phone service at the
    lowest possible fee level, until you feel comfortable using VoIP. Initially you will received a new telephone number. Once you have decided to rely entirely on VoIP we can “port” your old telephone number to your VoIP service. Just call or e-mail us when you are ready.

  3. Subscribers who opt to use MCFiber’s VoIP service are provided an extensive manual to explain set up and use.

Learn more about MCFiber’s E911 access:

battery backup

Prior to installation, MCFiber recommends that you obtain a battery back-up such as a UPS device available from any electronics supplier (Best Buy, Staples), etc. to be connected to your phone and Internet service so you will continue to be able to make calls in the event of a power outage.

Note: To prolong the life of the back-up you should power off your computer or set it to “sleep” mode.

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