Why Fiber to the home

Electricity of the 21st Century

Broadband (BB) communications is essential an increasing number of applications in modern life and business.  Each year the requirement for greater speed and higher volume grows. This is making the question of affordable universal BB availability an important public policy question and community challenge.  Discover why Fiber is so important and what MCFiber can do for you.

FTTx - Fiber to anywhere

Optical Fiber is the Future

It’s Unanimous – the best mechanism for providing essential services to homes and businesses is optical fiber.  Read the latest technical analysis here:  https://www.eff.org/wp/case-fiber-home-today-why-fiber-superior-medium-21st-century-broadband.

Not only does Fiber provide the fastest and most reliable service today, it is the only technology capable of scaling up to meet the growing needs of the future. This capacity is referred to as “future-proof”. Fiber is the most future proof of any current broadband technology.

No Contest –  Comcast, Fairpoint, and other providers have no plans to bring a better network to Jericho, Underhill and Westford. What is available are: DSL, Satellite, Cable and Fixed Wireless. 

— Satellite is both expensive and performs poorly for modern use. Service depends on the weather.

— DSL is slow. Speeds are variable and unreliable. Although  better than  “dial-up” it is widely recognized to be inadequate for future  (and most current) needs. 

— Cable is faster and more reliable than DSL. It is costly to customers and expensive to upgrade in rural areas.

— Fixed wireless has limited capacity, slows down when there are many simultaneous users on the system and cannot reach many people. 

We Deserve Better – Why Not the Best?
Your neighbors with the necessary skills and experience, have decided to build a true, modern, state-of-the-art Fiber-optic network ourselves. The senior managers, Tim and Leslie Nulty of Jericho, were the initiators and top executives at ECFiber in Eastern Vermont from its birth in early 2008 until 2014. Once that enterprise became self-sustainable, they resigned from active management to build a similar network in their own locality. Learn more about MCFiber and our team here:

did you know...

A quality high-speed internet connection does
much more than just let you surf the web!

Extend Your Cell Service
Wireless carriers like Verizon and AT&T offer devices* that will allow you to receive 5 bars of cellular service in your home – even if you have no cell signal now.  Connecting one of these “Network Extenders” to your high-speed Internet gives you your own little private cellular tower, letting you make and receive calls, texts, and other cell features that were previously out of range. No more missing important phone calls!

Live Local Channels + DVR Recording – Without Bad Weather Interruptions
Using a Roku* and Tablo* device coupled with our channel offerings** gives you the ability to watch live local channels like CBS, NBC, and more, as well as have instant replay and DVR recording of your shows. No more service interruptions due to bad weather!

*Additional hardware purchase required, not sold by MCFiber
** Addition service subscription required