Troubleshooting your service

Before calling MCFiber about a problem, first follow these simple steps:

If you are unable to visit a specific website, try another.  If you are able to connect to/open another website, the initial problem is at that website. Try later.

Ensure that your cables are inserted tightly into your router, computer or other device.

Check your router: are all the lights on? If the power is out, your router will be unable to provide Internet to your computer.

Turn the router off at its switch. Unplug your router from the power outlet for one minute, plug it back in, and wait another minute to turn it back on. Your computer may need to be restarted as well after this procedure.

  1. Unplug all phones in your house.

2. Try plugging a simple corded phone into each wall jack.

3. If you get a dial tone on some jacks and not on others, you will need to call an electrician.

4. If all jacks are working but some phones work and others do not, replace the dead phones or contact the phone manufacturer.

If you have trouble with calls to a specific number, contact MCFiber and have the following information ready

  1. The exact date(s) and time(s) that you attempted to place call(s) to this remote number. Some telephone issues need to be tested within 24 hours of a failed call.

2. Descriptive details about the quality of the connection.

3. Whether the issue is triggered when you call the remote number, or when they call you.

If you are using your own router: Please remember that you may incur service charges if MCFiber staff are called to deal with problems related to a subscriber-owned router. 

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