What's a drop?

How MCFiber estimates the cost of bringing fiber to your home or business:

We cover the first $800 of drop costs.  More than half of drops cost less than this!

 Long aerial or underground drops :

  1. MCFiber surveys your drop to determine whether or not there may be excess charges.  Aerial drops or drops in existing conduit, if usable,  are estimated at a price of $1.60 per foot.  For total costs over $800, MCFiber will provide you with a quote outlining this additional cost.
  2. If you accept the estimate please send us an email stating your acceptance.
  3. We will bill you for the full amount of any excess costs once your service has been installed and activated.


  • Don’t forget to call DIGSAFE (811) first. They will mark phone/electric paths for free. Conduit should go from your utility feeding pole to the spot where phone/electric are on your house now and should be trenched 18-24 deep. Be careful to avoid septic/well/ledge/sprinklers, etc.

  • Conduit should be “schedule 40 electrical” (not water) and must be 2″ diameter with inside 210 lb. tensile strength pull string. Use sweeps (not elbows) at any turns — fiber can’t be bent too much. Extremely long runs should be separated by pull stations every 500 ft.  If it is necessary to connect two sections of conduit you must be sure NOT to glue the interior pull string to the conduit when you glue together two sections.

  • Allow 2 feet of conduit projecting out of the ground at the utility pole and at the location where you want us to install our enclosure (similar to a telephone box) on the outside of the building.  Tie the pull string around the conduit and place a cap (or tape) over the ends of the conduit to prevent water from entering.

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