Job Opportunities

Fiber Technician – PT

Fiber Technicians are responsible for performing and completing customer installations, cable trenching, and service tickets.  This position also involves additional administrative duties and will be central to our business operations.   Candidates must possess the following attributes:

  • Outstanding customer service.  Technicians will be sensitive to the individual expectations of each customer and will work to fulfill these expectations.  

  • Safe work habits.  Technicians will perform all work in a safe and approved manner.   Required OSHA training provided:

    • Slips, Trips and Falls

    • Ladder Safety

    • Emergency Procedures

Successful candidates will learn/display the following within their first 90 days on the job:


    • Ability to knowledgeably communicate technical concepts to non-technical people

    • Proficient in basic home network design and deployment

    • Friendly and professional demeanor when talking to customers, vendors, and co-workers


    • Ability to handle fusion splicer and complete fiber splices

    • Understand PON basics including connectors (SC/APC) and attenuation 

    • Ability to run and secure fiber and ethernet cable 

    • Capable of operating construction tools including cable trencher

    • Proficient with all current and future CPE deployed by MCFiber (ONUs, ATAs, routers, switches, streaming devices, and more)

    • Capable of using company software to record customer details, payments, and generate basic reports.


    • Complete OSHA training and prove comprehension 

    • Ability to dispose of sensitive fiber waste appropriately

    • Ability to work on ladders safely

    • Ability to work safely around electrical equipment and wires

    • Display good judgment when making decisions that could impact safety

    • Able to lift and carry up to 50 pounds

    • Truant.  Reliably arrive to work and appointments on time  

    • Detail oriented

    • Willingness to do what is needed to get the job done safely.  Technicians will regularly need to enter crawl spaces, work in bad weather, and more

    • Well groomed in order to facilitate pleasant customer and co-worker interactions

    • Willingness to take on other assignments when needed 

Mansfield Community Fiber is a residential Internet Service Provider (ISP) operating in Underhill, Fletcher, Cambridge Waterville, Belvidere, and more future towns!  We are a small team and our commitment to customer satisfaction comes first.  

To apply, please send your resume to