Mansfield Community Fiber construction update, as of October 19, 2020

Initial Construction of fiber-optic strand and cable continues in Fairfax. Splicing of the fiber pass is starting on Comette/Rugg Roads. We do not yet have light / connectivity on those sections – customer drops and installations will be scheduled once we have proven connectivity.  Initial construction of customer drops in Cambridge, Fletcher and Fairfax continues with drop splicing to follow.  Once drops have been spliced we will call you to schedule installation.

Please note that construction is a multi-step process that takes time. First we put up the steel strand that holds the fiber-optic cable, then the fiber-optic cable is attached and after that specialists splice the fiber-optic segments together and attach them to the nearest point where we have “light.” After testing the transmission of the Internet signal we can start the process of connecting customers. That is also a multi-step process involving putting in the customer drop (the fiber-optic line from the road to the house or business) and then scheduling installation. Building the drop can entail delays, particularly where a complicated or underground drop is involved. This is explained here: Drop Information 

Subscribers who have an urgent need for service are encouraged to accept aerial drops – these are simpler, faster and cheaper to build – and easier to maintain. Please feel free to send questions to info@mcfibervt.com. We know that many of you have been waiting for this for quite a while – we appreciate your patience and your support!