Mansfield Community Fiber Construction Update, as of Jan 4, 2021:

The first section of our build into Fairfax and through the west side of Fletcher up to an underground section (pole gap) on Woodward Road should be completed and “lit” at the end of this week.  Subscribers along that section will be getting their drop cable spliced into the main fiber pass.  As those splices are completed, we will be calling subscribers to schedule installations.  Construction will continue on the rest of our Fairfax route.

Mansfield Community Fiber construction update, as of December 18, 2020

Construction of fiber-optic strand and cable splicing continues in Fairfax. Drop cable is being placed and spliced when weather permits (work cannot be done in very cold weather).

We have light/connectivity on the first section of our current N.Fletcher/Fairfax build:  Fletcher Road/Comette Road/Rugg Road/Tabor Hill Road/south end of Woodward Road.  When drops are spliced and tested along this route, we will call customers to schedule installation.   

Subscribers who have an urgent need for service are encouraged to accept aerial drops – these are simpler, faster and cheaper to build – and easier to maintain. Please feel free to send questions to info@mcfibervt.com. We know that many of you have been waiting for this for quite a while – we appreciate your patience and your support!  At this time of year seasonal delays are unavoidable.